The child labour and its media storytelling: fiction, information and communication

MilanApril 16th, on the occasion of Iqbal death’s twentieh anniversaryGertie, in collaboration with ALMED – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore will organize a workshop about child labour. Child Labour and Children rights are in fact the focus of the initiative “Fearless Children”. The workshop will be coordinated by Ruggero Eugeni, the Director of ALMED and it will involve many guests from culture and communication world and also businessmen who work for a more aware and responsible market.
Franco Serra and Fulvia Serra – producers of the animated feature ”Iqbal: fearless child” - will introduce the initiative “Fearless Children” and they will open the debat with Michel Fuzellier, film’s director, Lara Fremder, film’s co-writer, Francesco D’Adamo, author of the novel “A Tale of Iqbal”, from book to film, Fiammetta Casali, Unicef’s President of the Provincial Commitee in Milan, Beatrice Nicolini, Associated Professor at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Caterina Gozzoli, Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan , Nico Colonna, President of GUT Edition and Smemoranda’s Director, Valter Molinaro, Responsible Innovation and Management Services Coop Lombardia and Francesco Cappelli, Milan council Member in charge of The education department and the audience.

This workshop is an opportunity to analyze such a complicated, current and thorny topic. It will be also a good occasion to tell to new generations the importance of the defense of freedom with its socio-cultural and economic implications.