Annecy 2013…and the winner is…

And this year the winners of Annecy International Animated Film Festival are:


-     Best Feature: Uma historia de amor e furia di Luiz Bolognesi (Brazil)

-     Special Distinction: My Mommy Is in America and She Has Met Buffalo Bill di Marc Boreal, Thibaut Chatel (Frane, Luxembourg)

-     Audience Award: O Apòstolo di Fernando Cortizo Rodriguez (Spain)


-     Best Short: Subconscious Password di Chris Ladnreth (Canada)

-     Special Jury Award: Obida (The Wound) di Anna Budanova (Russia)

-     Short Special Distinction: Kolmnurga afäär (The Triangle Affair) di Andres Tenusaar (Estonia)

-     Junior Jury Award for a Short Film: Feral di Daniel Sousa (USA)

-     Short Audience award: Lettres de femmes di Augusto Zanovello (France)


-     Best tv production: Room on the Broom di Jean Lachaeur, Max Lang (UK)

-     Best commissioned Film: Dumb Ways to Die di Julian Frost (Australia)

-     Special Award for a tv Series: Tom & The Queen Bee di Andreas Hykade (Germany)

-     Best tv special: Poppety in the Fall di Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine LanCiaux (France)

-     Special Jury Award: The Lion di Benjamin Scheuer (UK)


-     Best Graduation Film: Ab ovo di Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi (Poland)

-     Special Jury Award: I Am Tom Moody di Ainslie Henderson (UK)

-     Special distinction: Pandas di Matus Vizar (Slovakia)

-     Junior Jury Award for a Graduation Film: Rabbit and Deer di Peter Vacz (Hungary)


-     CANAL + Creative Air Award for a short film: Autour du lac di Carl Roosens, Noémie Marsily (Belgium)

-     Unicef Award: Because I’m a Girl di Raj Yagnik, Mary Matheson, Hamilton Shona (UK)

-     Fipresci Award: Gloria Victoria di Theodore Ushev (Canada)

-     Fipresci Special Distinction: Feral di Daniel Sousa

-     Annecy Audience choise: KJFG No 5 di Alexey Alekseev (Hungary)