About Us

Gertie srl, founded in 1993, is an audiovisual production company specialized in animation and editorial projects. With their collective thirty years of experience the members of Gertie, have focused on important work of various themes in the areas of television, cinematography and publishing. Gertie is able to create both fiction and non-fiction animated films that are characterized by project originality and their own special care of the design style.

Since the first years Gertie got big success with some of its animated projects such as opening themes for TV programs, videoclips, opening titles for live action feature film and commercials for Italian institutions that works on social and environmental issues.

Starting in the year 2000 Gertie began to acquire systematically TV, Cinema and Merchandising rights of creative works to be proposed to the interational market for co-production projects in the field of television series and feature length films.

In the last ten year indeed Gertie has enlarged its services and productive capacity so that now participates as a co-production partner in important animation projects such as the animated feature film ‘Mia et le Migou’, awarded with European Academy Award 2009 and Grand Prix for Best Feature Film al China International Cartoon and Digital Art Festival.

In order to follow the changes of the market and the society, Gertie srl, started to work also for the new digital media by developing concept of transmedia projects. ”