What we do


Research, development, production and post-production of TV series, TV special and feature film in animation, both 2d and 2d.


Design and production of animated videos for advertising, promotion and corporate communication.


Concept. design and development of interactive solutions for online and off line web, video games and new digital devices.


Concept and production of editorial projects designed for books and magazines.

Our philosophy

Gertie’s editorial policy aims at developing entertainment animated projects that are close to the reality and the society. The attention for content and social responsibility of every story is one of the main values of Gertie, that is always up to date in order to follow the evolution of the animation market and its audience. This way Gertie succeeds in distinguishing itself from competitors thanks to a visual language that smartly combines the entertainment and a modern and fresh aesthetic quality within a unique style that reminds us of the tradition of Italian and European animation.