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Milo is a funny young rabbit with human characteristics similar to those of a 6 years-old child at whom his stories are aimed. Milo’s adventures illustrate a typical child in his everyday’s life: the games, the feelings, the new experiences, the dreams and small kid’s dramas. 
His play-friend Judith is always with him. He interacts with his surroundings in a positive way, thanks partly to his parents, as well as to his grandparents, who help him taking his firsts steps towards the people and things by encouraging his naive curiosity. He gradually learns to know himself and the world around which is for him an endless source of novelty. The first three series were co-produced by Gertie, Rai Fiction, Carrere Group and Les Films de la Perrine. The first season is centred on the relationship of Milo and his parents. The second season is primarily about the relation with the school and his schoolmates. The third season narrates a mature and more independent Milo turned to discover the world and society. In 2005 was co-produced a 26’ TV special for Rai as well, “MILO AND THE MYSTERY OF THE YELLOW TREE” where we watch Milo deal with topics such as ecology and respect for nature. Gertie is now working on the concept of the next tv series of Milo, the fourth one.



Traditional 2D animation. The characters were created by Gabriella Giandelli


Besides the Tv series, Milo i salso the character of a magazine for children with stories by Fulvia Serra and illustrations by Lisa Tuffanelli.


Direction: Bruno Desraisses

Art Direction: Gabriella Giandelli

Screenplay: Violaine Donadello – Szapary, Mireille Pertusot, Philippe Poirier

Music: Dame Blanche

Executive Producers: Dominique Boischot, Paul Cadieux, Franco Serra


The first series of Milo tv show won the First Prize  at New York Festivals – TV Programming and Promotion  del 2004


Title: Milo

Genre: Animated tv series

Audience: 3-6 years

Duration: 104 x 5′

Technique: 2D animation

Languages: italian, english

Direction: Bruno Desraisses

Production: Gertie

Partners: Rai Fiction, Carrere Group, Les Films de la Perrine, France 5, Les Productions Tooncan XVII Inc.

Award: First Prize -  New York Festivals. TV Programming and Promotion, 2004


PRODUCTION - Completed


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