Mia and the Migoo

  • Mia and the Migoo
  • Mia and the Migoo
  • Mia and the Migoo
  • Mia and the Migoo


Mia is a 6 years-old girl who lives in a village in South America. Her mother died long ago and her father, Pedro, had to leave to work as a construction worker. The site where he works and live is north of the country, in the Amazon forest, in a heavenly place that Jekhide, a mean construction builder who wants to erect there a luxury hotel, is going to destroy.
Suddenly, one night, a part of the mountain collapses imprisoning Pedro. That very moment Mia wakes up in fear in her village, “feeling” that her father is in danger and decides to go looking for him. So she leaves, with just a handkerchief covering her enormous amount of hair, for a long journey that will lead her to the Migous (the spirits in the forest) and, thanks to them, to meet with the forces and wonders of nature.
In the meantime, on the other part of the world, the construction builder Jekhide, is very worried because of the many accidents happening on the construction site. They even find a gigantic footprint that makes them believe some kind of monster is wandering around.
Jekhide goes on site to check the damages with his young son Aldrin. Pedro’s disappearance only makes him feel disgusted and that makes the other workers angry. He is now frustrated and standing alone against everyone. On the other hand, these events and difficulties will make Jekhide and his son finally bond as it had never happened before.



In traditional animation, this is the second feature-length film directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd, after the lucky “La prophétie des grenouilles”. He chose to use warm colours reminding us of Cezanne and Van Gogh.


The voice cast includes some big names of the star system: for the Migoo was chosen the famous voice of Wallace Shaw, the three Emmy awarded James Woods gave life to Jojo-la-Frite and the great Whoopy Goldberg played in the role of the strange sorceress.


Direction: Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Screenplay: B. Chieux, Jacques-Rémy Girerd, A. Lanciaux and I. Tchérenkov

Graphic and Character Designer: Benoît Chieux

Music: Serge Besset

Producers: Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Stefania Raimondi, Franco Serra

Executive Producers: Emmanuel Bernard and Federica Maggio


“Mia and the Migoo” has been awarded as best animated film in 2009 by the European Film Academy. Mià and the Migoo was selected in over ninety International festivals all over the world, from China to the USA and Latin America.

- Best feature film Award all’ Anima Mundi festival di Rio de Janeiro

- Best animated film Award al Sao Paulo Festival,

- Best Long Feature Film Award al 6th China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival

- Audience Award all’International children’s film festival a Montréal (Canada).

The soundtrack was awarded Best soundtrack Award at the Festival La Monstra in Lisbon.


Title: Mia and the Migoo

Genre: 2D animation film

Audience: Children

Duration: 92’

Technique: traditional 2D animation

Languages: French, English

Direction: Jacques-Remy Girerd

Production: Italy/France (Folimage, Enanimation and Gertie)

Uscita nelle sale: 10/12/2008 (France) – 22/04/2011 (USA) – 08/05/2011 (Italy)


PRODUCTION - Completed