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What does love really mean? In About Love we are talking about a big trap, a misunderstanding without limits in which all people, from all races and nations, are destined to fall into. It takes a look at a normal, ordinary life, presenting love as an irresolvable problem, which in the end, you can only laugh about. From this perspective, the hypocrisy of the couple, the infidelity, the daily little tragedies that are reduced to comedy. Throughout the course of the series, of which this film is the pilot and which will take place in different countries, the couple’s relationships, the same problems and failures repeated in different contexts, create always a new situation.

The use of cynical narration and of symbolic characters makes the series a surreal, and humorous observation of human dynamics that ultimately result in tragedy.

For the author of About Love the sentimental life is an infinite game in which every man and woman desires to participate and at the same time avoid.




The technique is STOP MOTION on small magnetos and simple objects. The characters are always composed of one, two or three round magnetos, one on top of the other, (the upper magneto stands for the head, the centre for the body and the lower for the legs). Sounds are used to underline the funniness of the sketches.


Direction: Giacomo Agnetti

Screenplay: Giacomo Agnetti

Art Direction: Filippo Cipriano

Animation and Character Designer: Ilaria Commisso

Prodution: Gertie and Magicmindcorporation

Producers: Franco Serra and Fulvia Serra


Title: About Love

Genre: Stop Motion TV series

Audience: Teenagers and Young adults

Duration: 52×3’episodes

Technique: Stop Motion animation

Languages: Italian

Direction: Giacomo Agnetti

Production: Gertie e Magicmindcorporation


CONCEPT - Completed


  • Co-producers
  • Distributor