Sbrain! Freaked-out Neurons

  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons
  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons
  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons
  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons
  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons
  • Sbrain!  Freaked-out Neurons


SBRAIN is a comic interactive, trans-media concept aimed at an audience of kids, pre-teen and teenagers, composed  by a TV series made in 2D and 3D CGI of 52 episodes by 11 minutes  and some other cross-media projects inspired by the tv show.
It deals with humorous, daily adventures set in a little girl’s head: a place inhabited by humanized sentient nerve cells, that speak, walk, feel emotion and work hard to make sure that the neural apparatus (and therefore all the rest of the organism) carries out its proper function. A varied universe, populated by fun creatures, where each has its own task, coordinated by the “Brain Team”, the special squad ready to intervene in case of malfunctioning.
Lily is the heroine and  the “victim” of the series.  She is a ten-year-old little girl who lives  between school and family…even if her family is not so normal as it appears.  The plot, set 50% in her brain and 50% in the “real life”,  will describe her days, with her little natural difficulties, monitoring her moods and the workings of her brain.
As often happens, the efficiency of the “Brain Team” is weakened by the presence of a couple of unscrewed and creative young newcomers, the real main characters, Moko and Warbo. Although animated with the best intentions, Moko and Warbo always wind up creating confusion inside the central nervous system.



The series combines 2D and 3D CG animation in order to show us two very different worlds such as Lily’s life in the real world and the daily adventures of the Brain Team in her brain.


Head and ending theme songs of the Tv show are composed by two famous Italian musicians, Vince Tempera and Luigi Albertelli, the couple author of such unforgettable cartoon theme songs like Atlas Ufo Robot, Daitarn III, Maya the Bee, Fury (Brave Stallion) and many others.


Direction: Michel Fuzellier

Scientific Consultant: Luigi Giannachi

Musics: Vince Tempera and Luigi Albertelli

Screenplay: Guglielmo Fiamma

Production: Gertie – RAI Fiction

Exectuive Producer: Franco Serra


The tv series has been developed in partnership with RAIFICTION as co-producer. During the development of the concept, some scientists have be involved in the project in order to represent in a imaginative but credible way the mysterious functioning of human brain.


Title: Sbrain!

Genre: Animated tv series

Audience: Children

Duration: 52 x 11′

Tecnique: 2D and 3D animation

Language: italian, english

Direction: Michel Fuzellier

Production: Gertie

Partners: Rai Fiction



CONCEPT - Completed


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